In order to enter these schools, aptitude tests to measure logical thinking are administered. In addition, "thinking ability" is now called into question at the test center. The ability to think is a power that is needed for the future, even after graduation from school.
We believe that even children that do not plan to take junior high school entrance exams will benefit from having a place to nurture their ability to think.
We have analyzed the aptitude test of many combined middle and high schools such as the Metropolitan Oizumi High School affiliated Junior High School and have prepared example questions based on this research.

From September, we will use original materials Yotsuya Otsuka "Prep Series" as well.
※ Those that would like to purchase these materials should contact us.

We place importance on enjoying the learning and thinking process through observation and experiments. We would like to continue stretching the imagination and sensitivity and curiosity that sparks from these activities.


Open Monday, September 3rd, 2012
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15:00~16:00 Grade 1-3 15:00~16:00 Grade 1-3 17:00~18:00 Grade 6
16:00~17:00 Grade 4 16:00~17:00 Grade 4  
17:00~18:00 Grade 5    

※ The Mizuho Afterschool program will not be held on days when Mizuho Kindergarten is closed for holidays
or special events.