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We educate people who take global leadership positions in various fields (science, politics, business, academic, etc.)
Our school believes that one must form a personality that can possess above-average wisdom and knowledge, a sense of responsibility, and to serve society with said abilities.

Discover and cultivate their character Develop respect for others and self-expression skills Language skills Develop understanding and respect for people and cultures around the world Foster ambition Develop problem-solving skills Develop their curiosity, intellect and creativity

In order to achieve this, teachers will provide students with proactive support and real-life experience through both lesson materials and practice. This will allow the children to acquire the power to think and derive answers on their own.

〒177-0045 3-2-25,Shakujii-dai,Nerima-ku,Tokyo
TEL. 03-5372-1525
FAX. 03‐5372‐1785